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The Internet Technical Bookshop (ITBS)

ITBS is located in North Street in Carshalton, a village like community in South London. As well as having a presence on the Web we are a real physical bookshop and toyshop.
We supply technical and educational books and toys. Part of our mission is to encourage young people to develop and interest in science and technology. In connection with this we stock and sell Robotics and related products.
We are here to help the community. Our opening hours are eclectic, and locals know to drop a note through the letter box, send an email ( andrew dot eliasz at gmail dot com) or to leave a message on the answering machine. (Tel. No. 0208 669 0769).
For technically minded people one of the advantages of popping in to the shop is to be able to discuss needs, technology , ideas. It has been known for the wives of some of our regular customers to phone them up on their mobile phones if they are a bit late getting back home from work .. because they have become involved in some fascinating ( well to them and myself, anyhow,) discussion.
Andrew Eliasz, the owner of ITBS is a bit of a "boffin" ... often referred to as "The Prof" by some of his Aikido friends ... and over the years has amassed a variety of qualifications. He also is the founder and director of First Technology Transfer Ltd, a specialist training and consulting company.

The Internet Technical Bookshop also provides technical translating and authoring services. These include authoring of technical manuals and technical training materials. We can deliver manuals and technical materials in a variety of languages. Currently these include English, German, French, Spanish and Polish. Out translation services can be from any of the listed languages to any other of the listed languages.
Currently we are interested in developing our services to include arabic, chinese and japanese. If you are a skilled technical translator then do please contact us and / or send us a CV and examples of some of the recent translations you have carried out. Also please tell us the rates you would normally charge for such work.

This web site is being updated and over the next several months expect to see many interesting (hopefully) reviews, articles and discussion.

This is the home page of a service designed to help you find and obtain books and reference materials on technical subjects ranging from Algebra to Zirconium Chemistry and from Addisonian Crisis to Zinc Deficiency

We also produce research oriented reports on various technologies for government agencies, pharmaceutical and laboratory medicine companies and investors seeking to appraise the potential of new technologies. One of our current ongoing projects is researching into technologies - both robotics systems, sensors, software and associated hardware for next generation mine clearance and decontamination systems. Semantic web and knowledge engineering systems development is also one of our areas of interest.

Call us:

Technical enqiries: 020 8669 0769
Sales enquiries: 020 8669 0769