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Books on and Related To Quantitative Finance - Part 1

This list arose as a result of research involved in the development of a series of fairly advance Python, R and C++ courses for those working in the area of Quantitative Finance. Quantitative finance is a technical subject that encompasses many technical disciplines and areas of applicabipity. These include e.g. financial markets, time series analysis, risk management, financial engineering, statistical data analysis and machine learning. The following list of books, though by no means exhaustive represents an attempt to pull together those books that may be useful, and includes also some books that are more in the nature of "light reading" for when all that maths, computing and theory becomes too much. Some of the books cover the basic essentials in a given are whilst other are specialised references, and most are somewhere in between. The list is split up over several sections each made up of sub-sections covering particular areas of interest. The areas on this page - Part 1 - are concerned with historical, career and interview preparation.
Part - 2 Is concerned with Quantitative Trading, High Frequency Trading and Time Series Analysis
Part - 3 Is concerned with C++ and Python Programming and how it is used in Quantitative Finance
Part - 4 Is concerned with R Programming and how it is used in Quantitative Finance
Part - 5 will be concerned with Java Programming and how it is used in Quantitative Finance
Part - 6 will be concerned with statistics, numerical analytical and modeling methods and machine learning and how they can be applied in Quantitative Finance.
Part - 7 will be concerned with Quantitative Financial aspects of Derivatives
Part - 9 will be concerned with Volatility and Portfolio management aspect of Quantitative Finance
Part - 10 will be concerned with advanced programming and machine learning technologies and frameworks such as Matlab and CUDA
Part - 11 will be concerned with spreadsheets, data mining and data visualisation as they apply to Quantitative Finance

Part - 1 Sections

Background to Quantitative Finance

Quantitative finance lives in the context of trades and investment decisions being carried out in real financial markets. It is not simply "pure maths and Quantum Mechanics". Markets are run by people with all the idiosyncracies and personality flaws that that entails. These books are listed here to provide a certain level of "cultural backgrounding". The kinds of books you might dip into on a commute to work, or to unwind after a hard day's work. Knowing about the background and context of financial markets also may be useful in intervies and in business situations of a more social nature. This section contains classic books on quant/financial markets.
Remember - you may be the world's most brilliant mathematician or an uber genius programmer, but it you can't tell a stock from a bond or a bank from a fund then you may fail to impress your prospective employers as to your suitability for "that" job.