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This section of the web site is devoted to various reviews and articles written by Robert Wrate. I met Rob at the Sutton Aikido club - a most unusual person, "little Rob" despite his 6ft 8 in height and substantial physique (weighing in at 23 stone) is very gentle and artistic. Having been "nagged" by yours truly into going to university at the ripe old age of 30+ and proving me right by getting a good degree in English at Goldsmith's College Rob considered training as a teacher. In order to get a place at the Institute of Eduction he needed to obtain a GCSE in Maths and a GCSE in science. While studying for these GCSEs the Internet Technical Bookshop helped provide an environment where Tob could hone his "critical faculties" by writing book reviews, essays and short stories that are published in these pages. Currently Rob is working towards a Masters Degree in Anglo Saxon Literature studies, having passed his GCSEs and having decided to indulge his love for the Anglo Saxon language and its literature and history before carrying on to complete his PGCE. I hope that you will enjoy reading these reviews as much as I have.

We do have these books in stock at the Internet Technical Bookshop. However because it is impossible for small specialist bookshops to compete with the likes of Amazon we are providing Amazon Associate links so that you can obtain them over the internet, and we can earn a little bit of money. However, you will be most welcome to come to Carshalton and visit us and purchase these books and browse around in the "traditional bookshop way". If the weather is nice we can even provide tables and chairs to relax with a quiet game of chess, or scrabble or backgammon.

If you come and visit the shop on Saturday you may bump into a discussion group including the odd 5th DAN or higher in various martial arts disciplines, eccentric, and not so eccentric scientific types, and regular folk also. Usually these sessions are accompanied by a copious supply of tea, coffee and biscuits and range over a very wide set of interests.

Rob is also quite a gifted musician ... and it may not be beyond the bounds of reason to get him to bring his guitar along on Saturday's to provide some musical diversions for the children's reading group we are planning to start up on Saturday afternoons.

As already mentioned, the books reviewed here will be in stock at our bookshop. Do please come and browse if you have a free Saturday morning or afternoon. As a service we have provided links to where you can purchase these books online.